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Loss Prevention

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to the online portal for all UK Loss Prevention Professionals.
Last Updated 24/03/2014 07:23 Security and Profit Protection Vacancies including Divisional Protit Protection Advisor (DIY sector), Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Loss Prevention Supervisor, Company Loss Prevention Manager

Shoppers enjoy lower prices thanks to loss prevention professionals Most retailers have a loss prevention team in place to deal with stock loss. Shrinkage - also called Stockloss - is the amount of stock that 'disappears' during the trading year from a retailer's inventory.

If a retailer books in deliveries from suppliers and supply chain correctly at the Goods Inwards area or Back Door, then keeps the goods securely on the shelf preventing them being stolen, and sells stock correctly through the till - then surely all stock inventory figures should be correct?

Police forces around the UK routinely arrest and process hundreds, if not thousands of shoplifters every day. At the same time, other stock-loss or shrinkage is caused by error and wastage. Who pays for Retail Stockloss caused by crime and poor process ? - The truth is that this cost affects shareholder dividends, customer prices, and employee salary packages.

Luckily many UK Retailers have realised that if they express their Shrinkage or Stockloss as a percentage of sales, this may seem like a small percentage. Express this number as a percentage of net profit, and suddenly you have everyone's attention, from shareholders, through the board of directors, right down to branch level.

Over 100,000 people are employed in various security, asset protection, profit protection and loss prevention roles, many in a retail environment. This website aims to provide information to all engaged in stockloss reduction, whether you are a Director of Loss Prevention, Regional LP Manager, Loss Prevention Investigator, Security Officer or a retail colleague interested in reducing stockloss, preventing crime, improving customer security and driving shareholder value. The role of the Store Detective seems to be making a big comeback as a result of rising cime and new sentencing powers.
News in Brief :-

July 2014: B&Q and Homebase Gang Jailed
A gang of family members and friends from Hampshire were who were involved in a conspiracy to shoplift from Homebase and B&Q stores in 13 counties, have been jailed for their part in a "highly organised" criminal enterprise selling stolen goods on eBay.
March 2014: Manager of Plymouth Co-op store stole almost £20,000
The manager of a city Co-op store has admitted stealing almost £20,000 in wage advances, expenses and even charitable donations. Magistrates ruled their power to jail him for up to 12 months may not be enough.
February 2014: B&Q Boss Stole £13 Stock from his Own Store to Sell on Ebay
10 Months in Prison (suspended for 2 years) was the result when a B&Q boss stole £13,000 of stock from his store to sell on Ebay.
January 2014: Surge in Shoplifting
"Far from being victimless, we all pay for this increased stealing through higher prices and, increasingly, shop closures and damage to town centres" - Helen Dickinson, BRC director general
December 2013: New computerized surveillance cameras detect & confirm threats from one meter to one mile
"Discerning suspicious and potentially harmful indicators within a sea of mundane, innocent routine is a needle-in-the-haystack task, that human beings are exceptionally bad at." - new computer operated CCTV system

November 2013: Shoplifter Offenders Jailed
In the past couple of weeks up and down the country courts have handed custodial sentences in shoplifting cases. See why shop theft and not a victimless crime, and how the courts can be tough.

October 2013: Handbag Shoplifter Sent to Prison
A 48 year old Swindon mother of two made national TV, Radio and Newspaper headlines after she was sentenced to a prison term for stealing a large amount of handbags which she sold on online auction sites. Although she stole from a a lot of different reatilers, it was alert staff at House of Fraser who finally brought the crime spree to an end.

October 2013: Self Checkout Prosecution - The Great Onion Fraud
A former international hockey player used a 'loose onion' scam 20 times in three months to steal from Sainsbury’s through their self checkout tills, but was caught when a security guard spotted that everything was scanned as loose onions, which were not sold at that particular store.......

October 2013: Morrisons Supervisor Jailed
The assistant night manager of a Morrisons store stole large amounts of stock which he intended to sell, but was caught when an anonymous tip-off resulted in the Store Manager watching him load his car on CCTV......

October 2013: Tesco Security Guard Stole Scratch Cards... and Claimed the Winnings
A Tesco Security Guard who stole scratch cards from the supermarket he was supposed to be protecting tried to wipe the CCTV of his act. Fortunately the Store's Security Manager was able to recover the footage....

July 2013: Superman Catches Bacon Thief
A shoplifter jailed after being detained by a charity fundraiser dressed as Superman has thanked thanked him.....

June 2013: Customer fraud costs retailers £3.4bn a year
A study conludes that 1 in 20 adults admitted to buying clothing from a shop, then keeping the tags on to wear to an occasion, then taking it back to a shop for a refund or exchange. Similarly, almost the same amount at 2m admitted to deliberately damaging an item so that they could get a refund or exchange.

July 2013: Police make TV Crimewatch appeal to find shoplifters
Detectives from East Surrey CID are hoping the broadcast of CCTV from a children's clothes shop in Horley on the BBC Crimewatch program will help them identify three women they would like to speak to in connection with the theft of clothing.
June 2013: Shamed financial controller admits stealing nearly £200,000
The former Financial Controller of a company showed no remorse in court as he pleaded guilty to theft of £195,719.53 from the company who had employed him in a position of trust for 12 years.
June 2013: A senior sales assistant stole over £40,000 worth of goods and sold them on the Internet
A senior sales assistant at a Leeds store stole over £40,000 worth of goods over more than six years from the shelves of his employers shop in Leeds city centre and sold them on the Internet.The goods include books, computer software, stationery, ink cartridges and toys. The Sales Assistant walked out of the store with them and loaded them onto his car.
April 2013: Store Manager Stole to Fund Gambling Habit
A court heard how the Store Manager of a mobile phone shop in Keighley stole 34 handsets worth over £33,000 by creating bogus phone upgrades for existing customers....
March 2013: Jail for Shop Manager who stole £45,000
The Wines and Spirits manager of a Co-op Superstore in Kettering has been jailed for his part in the theft of £45,000 worth of stock including tobacco, DVD players and Dyson products......
March 2013: 12 Months in Prison for Manager's Systematic £37,000 Fraud
An Manager of Internet Sales diverted a companies goods through a number of different Ebay accounts he had created. The scam continued for over a year, and resulted in a jail term, with a proceeds of crime hearing likely to take place at a later date.......
March 2013: Aldi Manager stole £8,000
The assistant manager of an Aldi supermarket was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years at Liverpool Crown Court....
March 2013: Costa Coffee Manager Stole From Safe
The manager of a Cambridge Costa Coffee shop admitted theft by employee in court after £3,700 went missing and he was the only person with access to the safe....
March 2013: Assistant Manager Stole From Store
An assistant store manager at a supermarket put bogus refunds through the till and was caught on camera....
March 2013: Duty Manager Steals from Store
The duty manager of a supermarket store who failed to gain promotion went on to steal stock....
March 2013: Department Store Manager Stole to Pay Debts
A manager stole hundreds of pounds over a 12 month period through fraudulent refunds from a department store. Transactions had been processed using logins for staff who weren't working on the days of bogus refund....
March 2013: Supermarket Team Leader Stole Over £5,000
A team leader who stole more than £5,000 in cash from her employer's tills avoided CCTV....
February 2013: Hardware Manager Who Stole £30,000 from Hartlepool Store is Jailed
A 42 year old operations manager of a Hartlepool hardware store has been sent to prison for stealing almost £30,000 from his employer. His method was to pocket cash from the till and issue false refunds.....
March 2013: Security Guard in Court for Stealing £1.2m
February 2013: Nothing Good About Stolen Goods Say Northants Police
February 2013: Fraudsters Jailed for £2.7m Retail Scam

March 2013: A finance Director Siphoned Off £170,000 from Company Accounts.......
February 2013: Met joins national scheme to combat fraud
January 2013: Store Manager Stole > £19,000 in false refunds
January 2013: Waitrose worker stole 1,000 items from store to sell on eBay
January 2013: BRC Crime Survey Results show cost of retail crime now £1.6 Billion
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