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EAS Tagging

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EAS and Tagging Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores. Products are protected by a tag or label, which is either removed or de-activated at the till. An Electronic Barrier at the point of exit detects live tags on merchandise which hasn't been paid for. This generates an alarm which is reacted to by Retail or Loss Prevention staff. Many retailers have strong Vendor Buying Agreements with manufactures, to enable the security tag to be built into the product at source. This is known as "Source Tagging". Whilst it adds a tiny cost to the product, this is outweighed by the benefit in reduced theft.

EAS and tagging is only effective if maintained and actively managed by the retailer. If the system isn't working, or isn't reacted to, it will not deter theft. Many retailers are now using active EAS management systems to ensure compliance to managing EAS activations.
Intrepid EAS Tagging Intrepid's independence enables them to install, service and maintain all makes and types of RF, EM and AM EAS tagging equipment. If you want state of the art protection to echo your company image, Intrepid can bespoke your solution.
Checkpoint RF EAS Tagging Checkpoint states the UK is the crime capital of Europe as retail theft soars to 4.5 b. Certain small goods are an easy target for shoplifters; while protecting expensive, luxury food brands provides a further challenge for retailers. EAS tagging is a potential solution.
ADT EAS tagging ADT explains that Stock shrinkage losses caused by customer theft and staff fraud is a fact of life for all retailers. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) retail security systems can deter and detect theft while allowing customers to browse through openly displayed goods.
BlueRock EAS tagging systems Blue Rock Group offer 3 primary Tagging systems for use in a wide range of Electronic Article Surveillance installations :- AM (Acousto-Magnetic), RF (Radio Frequency) and FD (Frequency Divison). BlueRock supplies Pedestals, Tags, Labels, Detachers and Label Deactivators.
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