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ORC - Organised Retail Crime in the UK

ORC involves sophisticated crime rings that typically steal (by shoplifting ) and store huge quantities of merchandise in a targeted area. They then resell the stolen merchandise through pubs, pawn shops and, increasingly, on Internet auction sites. ORC crime rings often use these profits to fund other criminal activities.

In a retailer with inadequate Loss Prevention expertise, security staff may constantly deal with low value petty theft and amateur shoplifting, whilst ORC gangs operate with impunity right under their noses.

ORC gangs are operating on a very large scale in the UK now. Many gangs exclusively target one specific retailer, having developed a sales outlet for their merchandise. Others ruthlessly exploit soft refund policies, travelling from store to store, converting stolen merchandise, credit notes and gift cards to cash by using mixed tenders in a purchase. These gangs cost every UK citizen a great deal of money. They gang put upwards pressure on retail prices, especially when at product level, a retailer may end up making a loss on specific products.
Scottish Business Crime Centre Retail Crime Booklet The Scottish Business Crime Centre Retail Crime Booklet provides extremely useful advice for any retailer, regardless of location in the UK. Slight legal variations should noted.
Effective Retail Loss Prevention 10 Ways to Keep Shrinkage Low Adrian Beck Effective Retail Loss Prevention 10 Ways to Keep Shrinkage Low by Adrian Beck provides great advice for creating an effective LP strategy which makes life difficult for ORC gangs.