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Anti Burglary Devices

Standard Intruder Alarm installations are a perfectly adequate solution for low to medium risk retail premises. Once a premises has suffered a burglary, the chances of a repeat burglary rises by a very large percentage. Loss Prevention Managers need to thinks outside the box with high risk and repeat burglary locations. Potential solutions include Smart Water, Red Web and Smoak Cloak.
Smart Water is a clear liquid which glows under ultra-violet light. Each installation contain a unique forensic "DNA". SmartWater's proven crime reduction strategies are customised to the security requirements of any business to tackle a wide range of crimes, including burglary.

Red Web is also a detection solution, this time dying the offender with a highly visible dye which again has a unique DNA linked to each installation. Red Web also has a very effective gel variant, ideal for applying to masonry, undergrowth and fencing. Ideal to forensicly link an offender to a crime scene.

Trail Cameras are designed for capturing wildlife, but are ideal for catching footage of burglars. In a retail loss prevention environment they are ideal for capturing footage of repeat offender burglars. Burglars will often return to the crime scene if they were successful before. Trail Cameras are ideal if you have an outdoor area such as a delivery yard or compound to protect. The Acorn Ltl 6210MM camera will send you live email/MMS messages when it gets triggered. It records realtime, in colour in daylight, and has a completely invisible infrared system for very clear black and white images even in total darkness.

Smoke Cloak is a Security Fog device which works by filling the air very quickly with an inert fogging gas. The effective is two-fold. Usually shock causes the theives to make a hasty exit. If a thief is persistant, video footage from numerous installations shows that after a short time, usually 30 seconds or less, the abandon their attack because they simply can't see!
SmartWater Crime Reduction Strategies SMARTWATER provides Police with a liquid DNA. The solution is triggered during burlary, released onto the burglars and leaves a forensic fingerprint encoded with the owner's details, which is virtually impossible to remove. By displaying the SmartWater signage you will let criminals know that your property is protected.
RedWeb Security detect, deter and defend against burglary. At RedWeb Security innovation is a combination of intelligent technology and flexible application. Redweb are the creators of the world’s first forensic trace alarm, providing a robust evidential chain which can help secure convictions, making them the ultimate crime deterrent.
Smoke Cloak burglary protection Fog Security, in its simplest form, has the purpose of providing protection in those critical minutes from the onset of the security alarm reaching the police, guards or other security personal and their arrival to the scene. In the latter years, the use of fog security from Smoke Cloak has also experienced a significant rise as a means of assault protection during day time hours.

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