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Prolific Handbag Shoplifter Jailed

A shoplifting case made the headlines in the UK, and the story was carried by most of the major national newspapers, TV channels and radio stations in October 2013.

The story unfolded after 48 year old mother of two Jayne Rand was sentenced to two concurrent 18 month prison sentences by Judge Rhys Rowlands at Newport Crown Court in South Wales.

The court heard that Rand was seen taking a Radley handbag into a changing room in the Cwmbran branch of House of Fraser. A manager watched her emerge with no handbag in sight. When police attended Jayne Rand initially denied knowledge of a handbag, but then produced the bag to police.

A vehicle search revealed a further four handbags each worth £175 to £200. PC Rhodri Parry was the officer in the case. A Police search of Randís garage found a haul of mostly Radley handbags, worth in the region of £12,000.

The court also heard that online auction records revealed that Jayne Rand made money from selling eight hundred and thirty eight handbags.

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