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Industrial and Corporate Espionage in the Retail Sector -Threat and Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM); Avoiding Bugging and Keeping the Boardroom Secrets Secret.

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Some Heads of Profit Protection / Loss Prevention are spending significant resources on protecting information. Imagine if your nearest competitor has access to every part of your tactical and strategic plans involving your pricing, marketing, supplier, people and customers.

If your competitors had this it would damage you more than several years total stock loss or shrinkage. If you're in a highly competive market and no-one in your company has the corporate espionage agenda, your stockloss or shrinkage might appear to be great, but if your market share's declining because your competitorshave the upper hand with your internal intelligence, are you really fulfilling the Loss Prevention / Profit Protection role?

  • Wikipedia Industrial Espionage - Theft of Information, Unethical / Illegal Competitor Intelligence, competitors may seek client lists, supplier agreements, personnel records, research documents, or prototype plans for new products or services.
  • Hotel Exec accused of Espionage - The times tells the story of top hotel chains' legal battle over "the clearest imaginable case of corporate espionage, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition and computer fraud".
  • Dudley engineering firm at centre of industrial espionage case - The Birmingham Post explains how a Midlands company was at the centre of an industrial espionage row over stealing photographs of a rivalís products.
  • Industrial espionage 'real and out there' - This BBC story tells how Marks and Spencer was investigating an apparent attempt to spy on the mobile phone records of its boss.
  • Safeguarding corporate information - KPMG explains that disenchanted employees or those facing redundancy may be tempted to disclose sensitive data to competitors or suppliers.

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