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Security and Loss Prevention Management Degree Courses

Security and Loss Prevention Management Distance Learning. These particular study programmes meet the needs of those who are already security professionals and also of those who wish to gain entry to the profession.

Portsmouth University University of Portsmouth Criminal Justice Studies courses include Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies - MSc, Crime Science, Investigation and Intelligence - MSc, Criminology and Community Safety - MSc,Criminology and Crime Cultures - MSc, Criminology and Criminal Justice - MSc, Criminology and Criminal Psychology - MSc, International Criminal Justice - MSc, Policing - MPA, Policing, Policy and Leadership - MSc, Security Management - MSc.
Loughborough University Postgraduate Programme in Security Management Postgraduate Programme in Security Management (Certificate, Diploma and MSc) from Loughborough University. The course has been structured to meet the needs of the individual and those of the security industry. It is aimed at those people in employment, whether in the public or private sector, and especially those with relevant experience in security or related fields. The course is open to those with a first degree or an acceptable professional qualification. However, consideration is also given to those applying without formal academic qualifications, but with relevant experience within the field of security.
Leicester University Foundation Degree in Security and Risk Management The Foundation degree in Security and Risk Management is designed by the University of Leicester in conjunction with the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO), the National Training Organisation for the Secure Environment, and in consultation with employers, professional bodies and other industry representatives. It meets the growing demand of the industry for security professionals who are both highly skilled and educated.