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Loss Prevention Statistics

There is a wealth of statistical data to assist the Loss Prevention Department in it's decision making. According to the Global Theft Barometer, Customer Theft accounts for 41% of shrinkage, whilst Employee Dishonesty accounts for 36% of losses. Other sources vary widely, but if we accept these statistics, we must also direct our effort towards making the biggest reduction in loss. Which arrest is worth more, an employee or a customer ? How much should you invest in training to reduce loss by error ? Let the numbers assist LP decisions on spending.

Global Theft Barometer The Global Theft Barometer is the world’s largest survey of the issues surrounding retail shrinkage and Stock loss. In 2008, many large retailers were consulted across the world, sharing the most complete pictures of one of the key issues every retailer faces today. The survey was conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, who provise research and consultancy for the retail sector. It has carried out a range of studies dealing with the costs of crime and the application of systems to reduce shop theft and fraud across the globe. Purchase your copy from Amazon.
BRC Annual Crime Survey The BRC Annual Crime Survey 2012 presents data and trends in UK retail crime . It focuses exclusively on crime affecting the retail industry and separates it into different categories enabling detailed analysis.
The survey respondents account for over 40% of the total turnover in the UK retail industry. The survey covers customer theft, criminal damage, staff theft, robbery, burglary, violence against staff (defined as threatening behaviour, verbal and physical assault), in-store fraud, and internet fraud