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Personal Safety Devices

It often falls to the Loss Prevention function to react to personal safety issues. There are times when executives, LP staff, Store Managers and others come under specific threats. Situations may include kidnap risk, threats received, or a particularly hostile working environment. A simple, cost effective, peace of mind solution is to deploy a personal safety device, which - when activated - allows an operator to see via satellite technology exactly where incident is, hear live audio, engage in two way coversation if practical, and deploy emergency response.

There are several specialist companies able to provide solutions. The technology is very cost effective, and provides both reassurance to the end user and due dilligence is covered for the employer. This technology has saved lives, prevented kidnap and greatly reduced stress to those under threat.
Skyguard Paersonal Location Safety Devices for Lone workers Skyguard - personal safety service and lone worker emergency response alarm.Skyguard is a professional, effective locator and protection service for peace of mind. Acting on their client's behalf, SKYGUARD will respond instantly to any personal emergency or crisis that may arise at any time of day or night, anywhere in the UK. Utilising GPS locating technology and exclusive software, highly skilled controllers at Skyguard's 24/7 Emergency Response Centre will assess the situation and take appropriate action - emergency services or SKYGUARD mobile response teams - quickly, discreetly and effectively.
Isle Protect Lone Worker and Personal Safety Device The Personnel Protection System (PPS) enables organisations to internally manage, control and relay alerts from personnel or assets. Alert activation can be achieved through voice calls or text messages from standard mobile or fixed phones, dedicated personnel safety devices, GPS trackers, satellite phones, etc.. Alerts received by the PPS are delivered to PC screens and/or phones using SMS text messaging. All incoming voice and SMS alerts are recorded and relayed to response personnel. Routing of alerts can be determined by the callers phone number, SMS message text content or by not responding to a timed alert.