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Satellite Tracking

satellite Tracking devices are increasingly used by loss prevention teams. There uses including vehicle tracking, integrity testing delivery routes, protection high value cargo, and intelligence gathering. Manned vehicle surveillance is safer and more efficient when combined with satellite tracking. Most systems enable asset movement alerts - get SMS reports for example where mobile assets move outside normal working hours.

MJL Covert Vehicle Tracking Covert vehicle tracking systems - MJL can supply portable and install hardwired GPS/GPRS remote surveillance and tracking devices, that allows the user to monitor the location of vehicles, assets and cargo in an instant via the Internet.
qinetiq-Ocellus S100 The Ocellus S100 is available with a tracking service that provides easy set-up and reliable access to location data. Alarms may be set on battery level, on movement of target and on breaching geo-fence parameters. Reports are sent using low cost GPRS although fall-back to SMS (text) is possible. The service is accessed using a standard web browser.
NOW! SECURITY - Satellite tracking NOW! Security provides automatic, live and instant security tracking designed to mitigate legal risk management responsibilities and provide security of the fleet and goods in transit. .