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Loss Prevention Eye Website - Loss Prevention, Profit Protection and Security Professional in UK Retail. How shops prevent shrinkage and stockloss.
Loss Prevention Vacancies on LP EYE including Head of Loss Prevention, Senior Loss Prevention Manager. Loss Prevention, Profit Protection and Security Management Jobs are Here!
Loss Prevention Manager Jobs
Loss Prevention Statistics - customer theft, criminal damage, staff theft, robbery, burglary, violence against staff (defined as threatening behaviour, in-store fraud, and internet fraud
Shoplifting at LP EYE - Information about shoplifting and shoplifters. Shoplifting is not a victimless crime.
Retail Staff Theft and Internal Fraud accounts for as much as 36% of Shrinkage in the UK
Reducing commercial burglary in retail premises at LP EYE
Tiger Kidnap Awareness and Prevention
ORC - Organised Retail Crime and Professional Shoplifters in the UK
CCTV is an effective deterrent against retail crime. More Retail CCTV information here.
Intruder Alarm Information
EAS Electronic Article Surveillance and Tagging LP EYE
Product Protection - Loop Alarms, Rats, Safers and Denial Tags
Uniformed Security Officers
Store Detectives - Plain Clothes Store Detectives are vital to preventing high levels of shop theft. LP EYE tells the story.
Test Purchasing and Mystery Shopping
SIA Licensing - Find out about the SIA Licences for Retail Security staff engaged in Security Guarding or CCTV Public Space Surveillance
Any Person Power of Arrest Without Warrant - As used by Retail Security, Loss Prevention or Profect Protection teams.
Personal Safety Devices - Additional protection for employees under higher threat, such as lone workers, executives and store managers who have been threatened
EPOS Data Mining
Satellite Tracking - See where a vehicle or item is in real time
Industrial and Corporate Espionage in the Retail Sector - Avoiding Bugging and Keeping the Boardroom Secrets Secret.
Anti Burglary Equipment
Loss Prevention Training
Loss Prevention Qualifications
Loss Prevention Recruiters
Loss Prevention News at LP Eye
Loss Prevention Books
Loss Prevention Resources - Loss Prevention Resources, from reading materials through to software.
UK Police Contacts
Loss Prevention Forum
Networking for UK Loss Prevention Professionals
LP Eye Search Engine Hits - See what people were searching for when they came to the LP eye Website
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Shoplifters Jailed - Comment
Prolific Handbag Shoplifter Jailed
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Civil Recovery - Retrieving the cost of shop theft from the offender. A range of companies now offer cost effective Civil Recovery solutions.
Loss Prevention Eye Website - Loss Prevention, Profit Protection and Security Professional in UK Retail. How shops prevent shrinkage and stockloss.
Recession Scams Prey on Job Seekers
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Regional Asset Protection Partner Vacancy with Major UK Retailer
Commercial Asset Protection Partner Vacancy with Major UK Retailer
Asset Protection Stockloss Analyst Vacancy with Major UK Retailer
New Research Reveals Extent of Internal Fraud in Retail Industry
National Fraud Investigator / Divisional Investigations Manager Vacancy with Major UK Retailer
LP Eye Search Results - Results of your LPEYE Loss Prevention Search
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