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Test Purchase and Mystery Shoppers

Test Purchase or Mystery Shopper activity can have a tremendous impact on both loss prevention and also the whole culture of service within a retail organisation.

A supermarket chain was very concerned about poor engagement with customers. Staff were not engaged, and their customer dealings were often seen as rudeness. The store chain dealt with this by setting a standard of 5 rules of customer engagement, which - if everyone followed them -would transform customer service. They then embarked on a mystery shopper program of 3 tests per month in every retail outlet. If all test 3 met the standard, every employee in the store received a 100 bonus, plus the store gained a place in the "Semi Final". If the Semi Finalists got 100% at the next test, all staff got 500, through to the final where all winning staff recieved 1000.

By this time, customer service behavior had become world class, and sales had risen very quickly by the same percentage that complaints had fallen.
Customer Service went from very poor to world class for a low reward investment and Test Purchase partnerships. The supermarket chain saw market value increase driven by their "Customer Satisfaction Audits".

A chain of builders merchants were concerned that there was a high level of collusion and sweethearting with tradesmen. Mystery Shoppers integrity tested staff by offering inducements to obtain free stock. Clearly no criminal prosecutions could take place, but high risk indivuals were identified and dealt with.

The strategy was combined with a relaunch of a whistleblowing policy, backed with rewards for reporting attempted bribes.

By month 5, nearly 100% of tests were reported to the hotline. More importantly, the LP department were made aware of numerous customers who regularly tried to "bung" staff in return for free stock.
Mystery Shoppers Ltd Specialists in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research, Mystery Shoppers Ltd do nothing else but mystery shopping.They have a database of over 40,000 mystery shoppers to match mystery shoppers to your typical customer profile in any UK location. Continuous Improvement Programmes and staff performance management don't just tell you what needs fixing, they provide you with a programme which will change staff behaviour and fix the issues.
Stealth test purchase and mystery shopping Stealth can provide staff accuracy tests to assess how well and accurately staff carry out their standard tasks. Known Operator collusion or theft tests to identify and remove known problems from a business. General Test Purchasing/Mystery Shopping, "Services" Observations - to assess other areas such as customer service or speed of ops. usually a series of tests over a trading day. Back door and goods inward operation test, Reports regarding basic compliance to fire/audit/safety 'rules', Front end processes, General physical security issues (what's the response to EAS et c).