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Tiger Kidnap Awareness and Prevention

LP Eye Search

Tiger Kidnapping is an extremely stressful crime whereby criminals abduct a member of staff's family (often a child) and threaten them with harm unless the employee attends their work place, removes a large sum of money then delivers it into the hands of the criminal.

It's called 'Tiger Kidnapping' because of the way the criminals stalk their victims for some considerable amount of time before the kidnap attack and robbery takes place.

Tiger Kipnapping occurs frequently in Ireland, and has also become common in Northern Ireland.

There has also been an increase in Tiger Kidnap offences in England, Scotland and Wales, with some high profile cases attracting media attention because of the scale of loss.

To fully understand the methods and impact on the victims, it's worth looking at these cases as reported in the media:-

BBC: The Securitas raid followed a classic tiger kidnapping. So what can be done about it?

Mum and her Four-year-old Son Kidnapped for Ransom Demand

Father and son held captive in 11-hour tiger kidnap ordeal by armed gang in cash van heist

The tiger kidnapping

Marks&Spencer and Next Managers Victims of Tiger Kidnap

The Latest 'Tiger Kidnapping' Trend

Shop Manager Held at Gunpoint

Preventing Tiger Kidnap

Three areas you may choose to cover off to prevent Tiger Kidnapping are:-

Physical Security - Use of Drop Safes means that no one person has access to to the cash at any one time. Use time locks on the outer safe. Ensure good CCTV covers cash holding areas, and this is monitored for signs of unusual activity.

Adequate Processes and Procedures - Make it impossible for one single person on their own to access cash (dual key doors etc). Strictly enforce access and key controls, and ensure segregation of duties. E.g Store Keyholders don't have access to the safe. Severely restrict the number of employees who can access cash areas. Have cash operation confidentiality policies backed by disciplinary action.

Situational Awareness - Potentially vulnerable staff and managers are made aware of Tiger Kidnapping, how to spot the likely surveillance which precedes it, and action to take if they see suspicious activity.

The above is intended as a very basic guide. For far more detailed advice and research see the resources below.
PSNI CRIME PREVENTION ADVICE RE TIGER KIDNAP This PSNI Crime Prevention Advice Re Tiger Kidnap forms the basis of a perfect briefing document about Tiger Kidnap and action to take to prevent, and also actions in the event of a tiger kidnapping in progress.
Organised Crime Task Force - Tiger Kidnaps The Organised Crime Task Force Tiger Kidnaps page has a good list of steps you can take to secure your home or your business in order to prevent tiger kidnaps.
CRISEC Tiger Kidnap The Crisec Tiger Kidnap page has a really good detailed guide to the nature of tiger kidnap, and reinforces the message to have the confidence to inform police whilst the tiger kidnap is in progress. (Crisec are a consultancy which specialises in advice related to extortion)
Armed Robbery Advice - Tiger Kidnaps The Armed Robbery Advice - Tiger Kidnaps page uses video footage of the 53 million robbery of a Security depot in Kent, UK. There are other examples and good list of points to note which give a better insight into the nature of Tiger Kidnaps

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