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Uniformed Security Officers

Uniformed Security Officers provide a visible deterrent presence against voilence, abuse and opportunist theft. In problem stores, the addition of guarding hours can have tangable benefits. The Loss Prevention Professional will take steps to ensure that the addition of guarding doesn't mean managers and staff remove themselves from the LP agenda and expect the Security Officer to detect and deal with every issue.

When Retail store managers are asked to choose to keep just one security measure,the overwhelming favourite is the Security Officer. Store Management likes the visibility of the uniformed security officer, and see it as a major benefit. Many security officers would seek better support from, and communication with, store staff and managers.
INFO4SECURITY article about Security officer value measurement In this INFO4SECURITY article, Mike Goodman asks "Do retail companies measure the value of security officers? How do they justify their expenditure on guarding? Do contractors genuinely work in partnership with clients to improve the latter’s security and reduce losses?"
VSG Retail Security Services VSG has become the fastest growing company in its sector and this year has achieved a landmark, passing through £100m turnover and establishing itself within the top 5 in the industry. VSG are based in Northampton, with 4,200 plus field based Security Personnel.
G4S Security Solutions One of the worlds largest Security Companies operating across many countries of the world, with several UK Retail contracts. G$S contracts and operations includes UK cash management centre network – processing £59bn per year on behalf of commercial banks, Nine juvenile and adult custody facilities in UK and USA, Eight immigration facilities in the Netherlands, Operation of police custody suites in the UK, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Alpine World Ski Championships,Aviation Security, NASA Ames Research Center, California Kennedy Space Center .
St James Retail Security St James suppies extensive services of retail security personnel to major High Street stores and shopping centres throughout the United Kingdom. Individually selected and intensively trained in retail crime prevention, arrest skills, conflict resolution, St James believe their staff will form the proactive base of "Protecting your brand and your profits".
Triton Security have experience in providing retail uniformed security guards. Staff and management at Triton Security recognise the need to create the right shopping environment. Triton officers ensure that effective Security enhances the shopping experience, rather than detracting from it..